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Appleton Square is not an art gallery although one of its strongest features is that of the presentation and promotion of the most recent contemporary artistic production; it is not a cultural centre even though it presents in its spaces performances, concerts and other projects, which don’t agree with in standard gallery programmes; it is not a school but still it sponsors both technical and artistic training courses. Appleton Square is a multivalent space geared towards diverse artistic manifestations and towards the sharing of multidisciplinary experiences. It is a cultural and educational project, which aims at fostering innovation while probing for new ways forms of supporting artists, curators and other artistic producers. Thus, the programme is assembled taking in a series of solid co-productions and strategic associations. Appleton Square wishes to bring together indisputable names of the creative national scene (be it visual artists, designers or architects) with the emerging production located on the margins of the mainstream. Beyond the exhibitions, Appleton Square wants to present, share and discuss images ideas and concepts, consequently developing a series of educational projects for different audiences through courses and seminars in areas so diverse as Art History, Architecture or Engineering.

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MEEL, Press
B.A.T. Bon à tirer

Alexandre Conefrey, Ana Jotta, Ana Yokochi, Ana Pérez - Quiroga, André Cepeda, André Romão, Ângela Ferreira, Belén Uriel, Constança Arouca, Duda Moraes, Edgar Pires, Elisa Pône, Francisco Tropa, Henrique Pavão, Hugo Amorim, Joana Villaverde, João Louro, João Paulo Feliciano, João Queiroz, Julião Sarmento, Lúis Paulo Costa, Luísa Cunha, Miguel Palma, Paulo Brighenti, Ricardo Jacinto, Rui Calçada Bastos, Salomé Lamas, Sara Amorim, Susana Mendes Silva, Teresa Braula Reis, Thierry Simões, Vasco Futscher

Opening: Mach 22nd, 10 PM
March 23rd - April 11th


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